Saturday, April 23, 2016

When does a Parent step past what is really their right on what to do for their child??

When they begin making choices that the child in the future may very well regret..

Let me give you an example!
Tatuajes de dragones: 30 Diseños Asombrosos
The little girl looks about 5 or 6.
The mother was very happy about her daughters piercings and gauges.

Mobile Photo
I didn't know that people were actually allowed to do this to their child.

Frankly I think doing this, or something like tattoo's etc is just quite simply not my job as a mother.

As a matter of a fact for most intents and purposes it is my job to keep my child from making rash decisions to get things such as this during some childhood choice that I feel they might regret in the future..

Tatuajes de dragones: 30 Diseños Asombrosos
You know like a $2000 wrap around tattoo from finger tip to finger tip going up the neck and around the shoulders and down the back and on each arm.

Spring flowers sleeve tattoo wrapping around arm | Cool Tattoos Online
Something that one day might prevent them from getting a job or keeping up momentum from advancing in a company..

Here's an example.. Most fortune 500 companies wouldn't hire someone with this "Artwork" on their body..

16.) A Plug Right Under Her Lip. Nice Teeth View

There is just some choices that shouldn't be made for a child.. and shouldn't be done until the individual is atleast 21 years old and of a sound mind and able to understand the ramifications of what they are choosing!

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