Monday, April 4, 2016

Are you a Christian who is FAITHFUL in the good times and the Bad??

If God took away all the things we as modern day Christians
tend to expect as normal blessings..

What if we no longer lived in a nation who lived for GOD?

What if we lived in a nation that persecuted Christians? (Iraq?)

Do you truly believe that You would still live for Jesus Christ?

I guess I am wondering this morning how much do we REALLY love Jesus?

  • So often we can't speak up for him to simply tell our testimony to family member and people we talk to on a daily basis.. How can we do that in times of real trials if we can't do it now in times of safety and security?

  • For most of us there is no one we know who is going to die for the name of Jesus.. Unless possibly a missionary who passed through our church at some point.. And even then.. HOW OFTEN DO WE PRAY FOR THEM.. And I don't just mean a passing mention of them as you race through a list of names.. God bless x, God bless y, God bless z.. Type prayers..
  •   Do you understand that even the if we are speaking about Missionaries to a relatively safe place ... Lets give an example Like Albania.. It's a European nation.. Not much chance of them being murdered in their sleep for the name of Christ.. But what about the fact that in a 24 hour time frame they have access to only 5-6 hours of hot water in any given day.. Try being away from home during the first 2 hours of your hot water allotment and having to try to decide between baths for all your children and laundry or house cleaning like mopping your floor etc. Shoot half the Christians I know have a canary if they can't get their Starbucks/Tim Horton's in less than 5 minutes through the drive through.. Or if they have to wait in line too long.. Or if they legitimately got a ticket for driving to fast.. Yet here we expect others to do the mission of bringing people to Christ when we are so easily irritated over minor trivialities in our society.

    For more information of some of these Christians that we need to be praying for..

    Top 50 countries - Christian persecution:
    And fear not. I am not pointing the finger at you.. I am standing here in the need of God to change my heart too!

    I don't know.. I guess I am here this morning to urge you to look around and see the apathy and lack of real zeal in our nation.. And I implore you to Ratchet up the fire!

    If not by going anywhere.. The very least we can do is get a REAL prayer life!


  1. Like your post. Please change wording to darker color, its hard to read. I was thinking the same thing this morning when I ran across this blog post. So many things coming against me this week, but I know I must continue on. Please check out my blog at

  2. Thanks for the feedback I did make the color more dark so easier to read.. I am always conflicted not sure how dark the text should be as I don't want people to think I am trying to be "in their face" with it.. Thanks for helping me see a reason to be a bit more aware of how it looks for actual clarity of reading.. <3