Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Practical Applications to the Bible Day 3

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Isaiah 41:13 KJV  I LOVE this verse!!!!!!   http://www.mwordsandthechristianwoman.com/:

This is our verse for today!

God promises to help us!
How do we practically apply this then?

~Trust him
~Agree that his word is truth..
~Follow him and his leading
~Allow him to help you.

Submission to our husbands
Gods directions on child raising
Church Attendance

In all these areas and so much more.. We as women often find it a trial to do what God has commanded.

1stly our culture tells us to ignore an ancient old book.. So we need to Trust God and his word..  We must be willing to follow  him and the leading he gives us in his word.. And like I said last week we need to be lifting up our minds by memorizing scriptures.. We can't obey what we don't know!

And then PRAY..

Scripture Art Bible Wall Art  Christian Art Christian Gift  Psalm Art  Inspirational art Hand lettering Rest in the Lord  Art by Erin Leigh:
Seek him and ask him to help us.. He promises to help us.. And often he asks that we pray to him and ask for his help in our troubles and trials..

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