Thursday, April 7, 2016

Islam IS NOT the religion of Peace!! **Warning some tough stuff discussed here**

Our nation is being DUPED!

Islam is being labeled as peaceful..
But there is a lot of evidence that this just isn't so..

So Just out of curiosity..
If that image above is true.. Are you and your loved ones legitimately in danger? Well not here in America.. Not yet.. But what if those things protecting you.. Were changed?

Lets see what has happened around the world.. WHEN Islam takes over..


please help the persecuted christiand support I am sorry to pin these grotesque pictures of slaughtered people, but It needs to be shown to all how EVIL ISLAM IS and pictures really prove it.:


Women Around the World Are Being Stoned to Death. Do You Know the Facts? - Read more about Women and Islamic law  what you can do! - PolicyMic:

Acid thrown into the faces of women.. Almost exclusively a crime against women
Stop sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood.:

Beatings especially of women
Islamic Women - domestic animals:
Stop the Muslim Brotherhood. Stop Sharia law.:

Public Canings

Tweets zum Hashtag #padamalgam auf Twitter:

Honor Killings

A Religion of Peace?!?!????:

You might be thinking I am just showing you a few horrific minority cases...To be honest.. I wish I was..

Islam - Religion of Peace?:

The picture below is in NORWAY! In the first Sharia section of their nation..

Sharia for all.:
SHARIA LAW... coming soon to our country if obama has his way...:
.Point out that islam is a barbaric evil cult....:

Now for all those idiots saying that killings are not part of Islam Try reading the quran before opening your appeasing mouth:
Something many people dont seem to understand.: Peaceful Islam? is it just me? that sign implies murdering???: Islam is not tolerant. Muslims have been appointed to govt. Posts such as Homeland Security where they claim America is an Islam nation. help the persecuted christians:


I fear it is coming here!!

Why is President Obama cozying up to Boston's Islamic extremists? … / Why is President Obama cozying up to Boston's Islamic extremists? …:
B E W A R E - A M E R I C A . . . Soon, It Will Be Illegal To Tell Any Truths About Islam: Arrest Barack Obama for Treason.: Obama's 40 alarming quotes about Islam and Christianity - Allen B. West - .: liar Hillary: "Muslims are a religion of peace": Stop Islam:

What part of "I Will Stand ...with islam" do you not understand?:

Islam Truth:

Obama compares Islam today & Christianity because of Crusades? … @LodiSilverado #WakeUpAmerica: Sharia law: Why do Obama/Muslim supporters not get this??:

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