Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Practical Applications to the Bible Day 4

Proverbs 22:6 KJV Bible verse:

Why is it that God gives us this information??
God is warning us.. That which we put into a child will spring forth someplace.. and at some time in their life..

Want to live a life as a rebel.. Never submitting to authority..

Here is an example:
Little Tommy comes home from school. Beaming and brimming with information about the assignment for his science fair project.. Mom instantly starts grousing about it.. "Where do you think we will get the money for all them supplies" You see little Tommy chose to make a Terrarium On desert life..  She tells dad who might have thought it was a cool thing.. had he not been reminded that this was a prospectively costly project.. So now he calls the school and protests these assignments..

Then 3-4 weeks later at the parent teacher conferences when all the other parents are walking up and down the school halls looking at all the art work.. They seem surprised to hear the teacher talking about how Tommy never turned one in.. and got a zero.  Bringing his class grades dangerously close to failing for this quarter.. But then when they start scolding Tommy he yells.. But you didn't even want me to do the dumb project to begin with!

Now the son is showing them disrespect, rebellion and anger.. And it is their fault.. It was their complaints that stole Tommy's joy at doing the project to begin with.. It was Their attitudes that he reflected and just gave up doing the project anyhow..

How  can you expect a child to obey his teachers and submit to their authority if you go behind their backs undermining everything they tell the kids??

The truth is you can't!

Either you want your child to grow up obedient.. Meaning YES.. Mom & Dad You need to live obedient lives too..

Obedient to the tax law
Obedient to the speed zones
Obedient and REVERENT to that trooper about to give you a ticket..

Obedient to the Man of God who is preaching to you!
Obedient mom to your husband..
Obedient dad to your head Jesus Christ!

Or else.. Your child will model what you have shown them..
How much of the things in your children are things YOU MODELED FOR THEM..

Yes.. Today I am teaching to the Choir..
And to myself.. I have to remind myself frequently..
Those irritating things in my child.. are often things they saw me be sneaky and do! UGG!!

Just Keeping it real..

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