Saturday, April 2, 2016

Beseeching God.. How important is it in your life?

This is an important part of our spiritual walk so I hope and pray that we all give it some careful consideration.

I have been reading in my Bible in devotion time and considering the word BESEECH .. and it has made me consider just how fervently (beseech) I (WE) seek God's help in areas? Especially when it comes to a lost soul. When is the last time we were so burdened about a loved one or someone we know of that is lost that it brought us to tears in prayer and we BEGGED God to move in their lives?

On this same note .. how saddened are we when we have to go to God and yet ask AGAIN for forgiveness ... or when was the last time we just praised him with joyful tears???
Oh ladies do you remember the day you were Saved? Do you consider the Hell you and I both deserve?

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