Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Today I want to look for HOPE!

Where do you find HOPE in your life??

Have to be honest..

There doesn't seem to be much of it out there..

So I have a CHALLENGE!


Yep You be the hope..

Quotes on Hope (7)
Go find someone else to bring some hope to today!

What can you do.. that might bring hope??

Emotional Competency - Hope
Well what about going to visit a Senior Center (They'd like to be read to, have someone fresh to hear those stories everyone else is tired of hearing..)..

How about a Daycare..(The kid's would love to be read to..)

Today’s mishmash is brought to you by the word HOPE:

How about that Teenager who has a new baby.. She might want to take a nap.. Go babysit..

How about the single mom at church.. Does she need someone to come help by running the washer or vacuuming..

What about just paying for the guy behind you's order at McDonald or Tim Horton's..

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Why is it we can't be that person??

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