Friday, April 1, 2016

Do you have moments where you don't know what more you can do to show your husband you love him??

Men are very literal creatures.. They usually believe what they see!

So here are some Hands on.. Up close and personal things we as women can do to "Love our husbands"

If I love my husband I will...
Love to serve him.
Love to cook his meals.
Love to have a wholesome meal prepared for him when he arrives home in the evening.
Love to serve him breakfast.
Love to make his lunch to take to work.
Love him to come home to a clean and fresh smelling house.
Love to keep an orderly home for him.
Love to make sure he always has clean laundry.
Love to make him coffee.
Love to encourage him and affirm him.
Love to purchase special goodies for him that he loves.
Love to buy him his favorite dark chocolate.
Love to do extra nice things for him.
Love to smile at him.
Love to ravish him and satisfy him sexually.
Love to follow him even though I may not agree with him.
Love to praise him instead of criticize him.
Love to wake up and cuddle with him.
Love to greet him passionately when he comes home from work.
Love to run a bath for him.
Love to encourage and compliment him with my words.
Love to make him smile and laugh.
Love to tell him that he is the best.
Love to text him during the day to remind him how much I love and appreciate him.
Love to speak well of him to my friends and to praise him in front of others.
Love to be his BEST and closest friend.
Love to be his only confidante.
Love to pray with him.
Love to respect him and his decisions.
Love to pay attention to him when he talks to me.
Love to look at him adoringly.
Love to encourage the children do special things for him.
Love to give him massages.
Love to softly tickle him.
Love to rub his back, shoulders, legs, and feet.
Love to be with him while he works.
Love to do what he asks me with a smile and cheerful attitude.
Love to listen to his dreams and ideas and support them.
Love to raise the children in the way that pleases him.
Love to take an interest in his passions.
Love to do everything I can to keep him healthy.
Love to kiss him when he comes near me during the day.
Love to blow him kisses.
Love to give him surprises.
Love to appreciate him for working hard so I can stay home with our children.
Love to hold hands with him at every opportunity.
Love to admire and adore him.
Love to be faithful to him until death or we meet the Lord face to face.

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