Sunday, April 10, 2016

Practical Applications for scriptures.. Beginning of new themed posts

It has been my hearts cry to start providing some
PRACTICAL Applications
that people can start to live out their faith!

Psalms 119:11 - Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

Well here is the verse..
WHAT application can we made from it??

  • Sin is ALWAYS against God and him only.. No man ever has sinned against you.. They have done evil in your sight.. and their sin has effected you but it was done as an act of rebellion directed at God!
  • We avoid committing sins against a Holy God by hiding his word in our hearts.
  • Scripture Memorization is therefore Not a good idea.. but instead should be a mandatory and extremely NEEDED aspect in the life of all Christians.. So my question.. 
  • Are you Hiding Gods word in your heart? If not.. Why not? (I will be honest here.. for me it was a pre-supposed opinion that I didn't have time to do so in my busy life) Until my Pastor pointed out to our entire church on Easter that it's funny that we make time to go to the places we want to go to.. Be it a concert, a restaurant, a Theme Park..funny that we MAKE TIME  for those things.. But not for God and his things.. Be it Church attendance regularly, Bible reading, Scripture Memorization..
Honestly I  am hoping that today You too will reevaluate your choices in how you use your time and begin spending more time in God's word and in  his presence!

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