Wednesday, April 30, 2014

THE BIBLE... Where did it come from??

The BIBLE... What is it?
Personally I believe it is GOD'S WORD.

Here are a few deductive reasons why I see the bible as God's word...Using the Resurrection as proof.
Because really Everything in the Gospel is based on the Resurrection anyhow!

1. That Jesus of Nazareth was actually raised from the dead is as certain as anything in ancient history from an historical investigation based on facts accepted by the vast majority of scholars, whether they be Christian believers or skeptical unbelievers.

2. Scholars agree that Jesus predicted he would be raised from the dead by "God," and this would be his chief sign that he was an accredited prophet of God in terms of his teaching and acts.

3. There is no natural explanation for a resurrection from the dead: that's just not something that happens in the course of nature. People die and stay dead. When one considers this and the truth of "2" above, it is clear that Jesus was raised from the dead supernaturally by "God." Only the creator and ruler of nature can do something like raise someone from the dead.

4. Thus, it follows that the resurrection proves that God exists, and is specifically the God Jesus taught about and followed, the God Jesus prophesied would raise him from the dead.

5. The God Jesus taught about and followed is the God revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament). In fact, Jesus took it for granted that what the Hebrew Scriptures revealed and taught is true without any errors. 

6. Thus God, in accrediting Jesus by raising him from the dead, has told us that the Old Testament is true, for he has accredited that what Jesus taught is true. And, as we have seen from "5," Jesus taught that the Old Testament is true.

7. Jesus also promised that God would further reveal himself through apostles that Jesus selected. Among other things, these apostles (or their close companions) wrote the New Testament. 

8. Thus God, in accrediting Jesus by raising him from the dead, has told us that the New Testament is true, for he has accredited that what Jesus taught is true. And, as we have seen from "5," Jesus taught that the New Testament would be the product of God speaking through the apostles.

9. Therefore, by raising Jesus from the dead and thereby accrediting him as a prophet, God has shown us that he, God exists, that he is specifically the God revealed in the Old and New Testaments, and that all those Scriptures teach is true. 

Where did God's word come from?
Was it written by God or man??
My answer: Both!

God breathed the words..
The men who were used and inspired by God.. Wrote them..

What makes that so hard for us to beleive?

Do you realize that there is more proof of God's word in every generation than there is for the words of Plato, Aristotle etc.. But we take those words as having been written by who they say they were written by?? Why? 

Why is it we question GOD... Yea.. God! 
Not that I want anyone to just mindlessly walk into their faith.. 

That is honestly the best part of the CHRISTIAN faith.. Is we have such a rich heritage. We have had hundreds and thousands of authors quoting from our scriptures.. in and out of multiple generations. 

But for me the truth of the words of God are proven.. in one very near and dear thing ..

No human would ever write something that is so negative in tone against the human nature.

No human would write stuff that makes you look and feel guilty.. We by nature don't like to feel guilty.. 

So we would want to write books and stories "self help" style maybe.. but even that.. is usually upbeat and written in such a way as not to offend..

NOPE.. God steps up and says.. Hey... YOUR A FOOL! 

The Fool has said in his heart there is no god.. 
Yea.. Not complimentary is it! 
But.. IT'S TRUE.. Now isn't it?? 

And the other things that God says in here.. Are just as accurate!

When it tells you that if you take out a loan.. Your a servant to that lender.. Yea.. You feel the weight of the pressure on you for when you are forced to pay back that money.. right? Your their servant.. That's why it feels so good when you've payed it off! 

Did you know that God never intended for you and I to live in debt??

We put ourselves into that misery.. Getting things that by the end of the loan that sometimes are not even worth what we agreed to pay.. Ironic isn't it?

The truth is.. God's word has been proved over the centuries in the lives of his people..

What other proof can we offer in the end?

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