Monday, April 21, 2014


 Why shop at Aldi's or Save-a-Lot?

I can give you LOTS OF REASONS..

The first reason... Is saves you money.

I hear people all the time saying we don't shop at Aldi's or Save-a-Lot.. Because we want top quality food..


I had to do a research report on nutrition and the food growing and production industry a few years ago.

Guess what I found out.. The same crews would go out into a field.. of per se corn.. and the "first cutting" of a field would be called grade "A" and they would pick only the best ears of corn.. And that would be sent to the edges of the field and be either flash frozen and sold then to either Del Monte or one of the other BIG NAME companies.. 

Then they would take huge combine tractors and go through the same fields.. cut down the entire stalks of corn.. and take all of it to the same edge of the field.. and separate the corn from the stalks.. The stalks were given to the farmers for their cows and silage..

But the stuff would be processed the same way.. in the same machines and grown on the same fields!

But they charge you a dollar a can more for that different label put on it!
To me it just isn't practical to pay more and get the same things.

I have tried both sides.. and get more for my money by being willing to go to ALDI'S AND Save-a-Lot!

Saves me time, money and SANITY!
Wouldn't you like your cabinets to look this full too?

These are the things I use to make all the things on my menu each month!

I go to the store Once a month and stock up.. 
Yes I go in once a week and I LIMIT MYSELF TO ONLY MILK, EGGS AND BREAD items!

Because sometimes the best deals on those things.. really are when they are on sale!

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