Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Where is the OUTRAGE? Why are some nations allowed to do such atrocious things to their citizens

I know that I as an American Citizen am extremely blessed. Even in this time where there is much changing even in areas and directions I wish they weren't!

But there are things going on outside of our nation that make the things going on inside our borders seem rather minor. Yet we have people more worried about Who won the Dancing with the Stars Dance off's... Compared with the following article that has been circulating the internet..

An 8 year old Yemeni child bride, 

a mere girl, 

recently died on her wedding night from internal hemorrhaging


She was married to a man five times her age. As disgusting as the tradition of marrying off children to much older men is, it is common practice in Yemen. More than a quarter of the female population are married before the age of 15.
In 2010, a 12 year-old girl passed away after struggling for three days in labor, attempting to give birth to a baby. Countless other children have been subjected to similar atrocities.
Groups all over the world are working to snuff out this archaic and disgusting practice, but its proving difficult. The impoverished country is gripped by the practice of selling off children to be married; poor families find themselves unable to say no to “bride-prices” that can be hundreds of dollars for their daughters. http://www.jewsnews.co.il/

Why isn't anyone upset about this.. There have been hundreds and millions of dollars spent to create wells in Sierra Leon.. And justifiably so.. But where is the aide for the girls, women and children in general inside nations like YEMEN? Where Muslim believers allow things like this because of fear or worse poverty...

I know this is a small percentage of people in the nations that practice Islam.. However When counted together the total of people effected by these atrocities.. is MILLIONS of children and families being hurt!  WHY IS NO ONE UPSET? And why is no one doing anything about it?

The United Nations seems to ignore things like this.. yet wants to make big deals about small issues in the grand scheme of things.. 

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