Friday, April 25, 2014

Spiritual Dead Zone

For the last few months I have been really struggling.
I knew God wanted me doing a quiet time.. 
But there was just something there stopping me from being obedient.. even though I knew..Beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was better for me to read.. I just couldn't bring myself into obedience.
And I never really thought about why.. I should have.. but I hadn't..
Well this last week my church had a missionary in for a special meeting. Missionary Paul Scott  came and spoke to us..
Well Sunday messages were good but I would have to say that the messages on Monday were the best..
God got all over it! The Holy Ghost fell and spoke to all the hearts. 
Here is the link to this Monday service!
And for me it was God showing me my heart on why I had so rebelled against him and his word.. I didn't really think of it as that.. Until God showed me it had literally been an issue of me having wanted God to work things out in my life in a more "appropriate manner" as apparently God's ways hadn't been to my liking.. The irony isn't lost on me.. I was judging God and finding his ways to be less than the best he had to offer.. And as a result I pretty much was refusing to read my bible due to simply me being a pouting brat..

Who am I? Apparently my pride was at play in this as I thought I was capable of judging God.. Ya.. Not pretty on my part.. But God in his great love showed me my ridiculous reasoning and allowed me by his grace to repent of my ignorance.

Anyhow I have been working on doing a Daily devotion again and I can't tell you how much it has helped. My house is running smoother! My spirit, mind, mouth and attitude are all better... PRAISE GOD!!

God owed me nothing.. I know that..but in his mercy and in his grace he has richly blessed me.. And I am soooooo Grateful!  

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