Friday, May 13, 2016

Proverbs 31:21

She is not afraid of the snow for her household:for all her household are clothed with scarlet.

Now I happen to live near Buffalo Ny..

So guess what... This is a picture of SNOWVEMBER.. Which brought us 5+ feet of snow in one night..

But bearing this kind of snowfall..

Our bible tells us a diligent and virtuous wife wouldn't be afraid..

So do you have water? Food? 

ATLEAST a small few day stockpile where you and your loved ones wouldn't go without!

Now I can honestly say in my house we have at minimum 2 weeks worth of food at any given time.. Aslong as the electric doesn't give out.. Because I have 2 refrigerators each with a freezer and a large stand up freezer..

I also have determined to start canning.. So I have some shelves that are going to be going up..

I guess I do need to find a way to stock up on water though..

They say you need a gallon of water per person per day..
for cleaning, cooking, washing and drinking.

If you wonder where I get my info on things like this..

My dad years ago started me thinking about this kind of thing..

He had been a Vietnam Veteran and always said..
"What if.. Just think about the worst possible thing.. What if that happened.. What would you do.. How would you behave.. Now prepare so you never need to scramble!"
Love you Dad!!

As to the portion of our scriptures that says her family is clothed in scarlet.. That is a reference to being richly array'd and yes.. it is huge to make sure your family has enough of everything.. Clothes, shoes, and so much more.. But also think about the things that aren't so often thought of..

~First Aide equipment
~Pet supplies
~Guns and Ammo..(To re-supply your meat supply..)

I guess my meaning is God's word describes us being prepared for what we will face.. And honestly none of us know exactly what that means.. But we do know one thing.. The only thing that is certain.. Is Change! lol!

Side note as a result of that Snowvember storm there was definately some change.. An inside joke in my area.. Is that by 2020  they will need to hire more kindergarten teachers..

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