Thursday, May 5, 2016

Proverbs 31:14

14 She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar.

Where did you go today to get your food??

If you had been required to drive 8 hours..
to get your husband his favorite kind of Steak would you have still gone and done it?
How about it ladies.. How far are you really willing to go?? To bring your families happiness?

Does your families needs and desires propel you to do great things.. 
Bring in great surprises..

Or are you kind of like.. Why should I?

Are you interested in going the extra mile.. Or just doing the bare minimum.

I have had to talk to myself face to face..

Like in the mirror..

... /PinterestUmbrellaLeads :Original Description: Go Above And Beyond

Wagging my finger..

Giving myself the business because I really do tend to be the bare minimum type momma..

And I know that this mentality isn't doing me or my family any good..
It is SO fitting for my world these days. It seems that allergy season ...

And MOST IMPORTANTLY God isn't impressed!

One of these days like it or not each of us must answer to God for all our actions, thoughts and deeds. 

And a "I just couldn't care less" attitude isn't going to be something we can rationalize away then..

Oh don't get me wrong.. I know it is so easy to fall into one.. It's just that I sure wish I could get rid of it once and for all..

However I do know one of the keys on how to get rid of it little by little day by day..

Here's the Verse!

And now here's the Prayer of our heart..
Dear Lord,
I pray for the energy to go above and beyond in my relationship with You and with my husband. I have a heart to serve and desire to be a blessing, but so often I justify my way out of going the extra mile. Please help me care more and give me the strength and motivation to love as You love. I pray that You remove laziness or tiredness or anything that keeps me from serving You and my husband well in Jesus’ name Amen!

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