Friday, May 2, 2014

Developing the beauty inside of you.. Show it on the outside too..

What you wear on your body says something about you!
We all know it does! 
I mean no one buys  9000 dollar Gucci stuff just cause it is cute... No they buy it cause it says Gucci.. 
And therefore people are going to assume they have money, or possibly good taste.. etc!

Here are some rules for telling if you are dressed "MODESTLY"
This is one of those things you have to decide for yourself.. So find a mirror.. and look with eyes as if you were seeing another person..  impressions are important. How do you want the audience to remember you? Dress accordingly.

1) Humility.. And no I don't mean Humiliated.. I mean do you look conceited.. Does your outfit portray to others that you are "vain/conceited"?

2) Modesty.. No I don't mean FRUMPY AND OLD.. I mean do you look modest.. Does your outfit look like it is appropriate for your age and position in life? Example if your a housewife that doesn't mean you need to wear yucky old sweat pants.. You could wear a cute black skirt with a t-shirt top that makes you look casual but still look DRESSED! And I don't mean formal dressed.. I mean looking like if company company you wouldn't be caught and ashamed of your appearance.

3) CLEAN...Is the outfit you wore clean.. Without stains, without dirty smudges.. NON-WRINKLED? If you wouldn't go out into the world looking like you do at home.. why not show your family the same courtesy??

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