Thursday, December 12, 2013

Postmodernism.. Isn't about truth.. It's about allowing little lies to destroy everyone else so you can selfishly/sinfully do what you want!

"Tolerance of other views is one of the pillars of postmodernism. However, there is one group of people to whom this tolerance is not extended, those who believe truth to be important!" 

Postmodernism is the term used by sociologists and others to describe a way of thinking that has become very pervasive in the Western world over the last generation.
 It is an approach to reality that is having a significant effect on literature, theater  art, education, psychotherapy, law, science, architecture, the study of history and people's view of religion. 

Its origins are found in the philosophies of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Marx and Freud. On some points, particularly its attitude to truth, it is similar to New Age thinking. 


What does that mean?

It effectively means that people will begin thinking that whatever they do is ok.

**These symbols surround arguments of those inside the postmodernism culture who are claiming that their personal rights are different than others due to their views and beliefs are not the same as modern views**

**Drugs: There should be no "war on drugs" as in the person who wants to consume them should be able .. as it is their "right"**
~~But what about the rights of the other citizens who don't want to be robbed by crack addicts? Or the citizens who don't wish to pay for health coverage to those who destroyed themselves or others by consuming those drugs? ~~
Which "RIGHTS" are the ones that will win out?
You see you can't have absolute autonomy to all.. without someone losing out.. 
Ex: I can't go rob you of all your posessions so I can pay for my drug addiction.. as it isn't your "right" to be stolen from? see what I mean?

**Alcohol: Why should there be any limitation. Why shouldn't I be able to drive home after I have consumed as much as I desire?!**
~~What about the rights of those who are driving home sober and don't want to be killed in an alcohol related car accident?Or the parents who don't wish to bury their children who were to naive to think it would ever happen to them?~~
Ex: I don't have the right to put my own desires for Alcohol induced stupors.. when I am going to be driving.. If I feel the need to become so intoxicated that I am a hazard to others (Not sure why anyone thinks that's a need.. but apparently some do..) Why can't I do it at home?

**Sexual pleasures of all kinds: Whatever gratification anyone wants should be available to them.. on their own terms..**
~~What about pedophiles who think that it is their desire and "right" to gratify their desires with children.. There are even some who go so far as to have formed the group NAMBLA(National American  Man Boy Love Association) And these people truly think that Little boys desire to be taught how to have sexual association with grown men... ~~
Ex:My child isn't someone else's sexual object. My son's or daughters have the right to not be treated like someone's sexual toy..

My personal opinion..
And all current laws stand by this opinion ... 

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