Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anger 3


I want to also focus on what we as parent's teach our children when we are angry with them. And by angry with them I don't mean frustrated with them after a bad behavior. Every Parent has that.

But I also have seen.. Go find a seat in a local mall.. And just watch the parents with their kids. 

I have never seen people so ANGRY at children.. and it isn't a one time thing... it is as if our anger is on a low boil looking for a time and a place to erupt.

Children learn what they live.. 

If your angry with them.. frequently
Then why would you assume they will have good relationships with others?
Sports team coaches

I mean if the person supposed to love them doesn't.. and is constantly angry with them.. over some imagined.. or worse yet REAL... Slight that has happened... 

How can they be happy with themselves?

How can they learn how to improve their own choices..?
I think the one thing that has been the most impressing thought on my mind recently is that many times I would tell my sons to do x,y or z...

Joshua do the dishes, I would at one point or another have stood there showing him how to put soap on the washcloth

I would have shown him how to draw the water.. Even how I expected the dishes to be done.. But did I show him how to check that it was properly cleaned... Nope.. I would come in check a few dishes and then slap all the dirty ones back into the sink and call him to re-wash them.  

And he'd be frustrated and I'd be frustrated.. 

But it wasn't till one day during a sermon at church that I realized there is a huge difference between telling someone to do something..and training them how to do it.. In that particular surmon the preacher had pointed out that JESUS had spent 3 years teaching the disciples how to be disciples.. and even then after 3 years with the savior... they hadn't "gotten the point" till they went out to practice what they had been taught after Pentecost..

I mean Jeez.. they had JESUS CHRIST as their teacher.. 
If he wasn't any more successful than that.. well I think I am asking too much for me to have my son taught in one day..

I think a big part of the Anger epidemic in america is we have UNREALISTIC expectations..

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