Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some bible studies I found and my family is using!

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Attributes of the Godly 1&2

LESSON 1: Having a Fruitful Ministry
LESSON 2: What Ought We to Do
LESSON 3: Being Upright in Psalms & Proverbs I
LESSON 4: Being Upright in Psalms & Proverbs II
LESSON 5: A Continuing Walk with God (Old Testament) 
LESSON 6: A Continuing Walk with God (New Testament)
LESSON 7: Being a Yielded Vessel (Old Testament) 
LESSON 8: Who’s Who in the New Testament

LESSON 1: Thankfulness of the Godly
LESSON 2: Desire of the Godly
LESSON 3: Godly Comfort
LESSON 4: Songs of the Godly
LESSON 5: Godly Receiving 
LESSON 6: Hope for the Godly 
LESSON 7: Strength for the Godly 
LESSON 8: Precious Things of the Godly

I won't lie.. If this truely doesn't change the way you think.. NOTHING will!

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