Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reasons to read your bible...

Today we are going to look at WHY should you read your bible..

I know, I know you think you know the answers to this... And maybe you do..

But I know I have always found reviewing my Motivations... Educational..

So here are my top 5 reasons to read your bible...

1) First thing it does is it elevates your thinking.
What does that mean?? 
Well instead of starting your day (Yes I believe starting your day with bible is very important..)
But if you open your mind first thing in the morning and you add into it GOD'S thoughts, God's ways, Gods directions for your life.. It makes you more mindful of your direction for the day..

2)Second thing reading your bible does is it gives you PEACE...  
Starting your day with God's mind and God's direction starts you off with peace. It gives you direction. It makes you have diving guidance.. 
How many times have you heard people saying.. 
"I just wish there was an instruction Manuel"

There is.. It is called The Bible!

3) When times are hard... And they so often are!!
God's word gives us a Refuge.. 
A place to run to .. A place to find solace.. and HOPE!

Jesus Saves

4) When you read your bible frequently.. It starts to change you... FOR THE BETTER...
Some would get all freaked out by this statement..
But it's true..
God's word when you read it gets into your heart and mind.. And it tells you it won't come back void.. 

It's full desire is to bring you into a closer relationship with the ALMIGHTY GOD. 
And in all honesty... WHO can't use some personal improvements?

Is there anyone who has such perfect character or such a sterling personality that they need no help??

5) God is God.. So often in our world we allow men to make and determine what is right and wrong.. 
Let God be right.. 
Scarcely does a day go by when we don't see the things of MAN...
 Check out this great site

I will be honest.. I think it really is a dying art.. Learning and Leaning On GOD!

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