Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wonder Wendsday..

I am going to try to take this blog into a slightly lighter theme..

I have been deeply struggling to keep up with all the bible study and also being a mommy and wife, daughter etc.

I love interacting with you all.. Or atleast putting stuff out there for you.. Sure do wish you all would actually LEAVE COMMENTS... LOL!

But anyhow.. 

What I mean to say is On WENDSDAYS.. I will begin putting up recipe's

And here is the first one!

1/2 C mayonnaise
2 tablespoons milk
1tablespoon sweet relish
1/3 cup chili sauce (now for those of us Northerners.. That is ketchup with a dash of hot sauce!)

Russian Style Creamy Salad Dressing Recipe -

This my friends is Russian Salad dressing

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